“MMMBop” Is Even More Mind-Blowing Than It Was 16 Years Ago

Listen up, readers, because we're about to make a confession: We love Hanson. And not just in the listened-to-"MMMBop"-on-repeat-as-tweens kind of way, we're talking a lifelong devotion to the long-locked brothers. We may have spent an entire 16-hour drive to Florida playing "Crazy Beautiful" (from the Underneath album for you novices). We may have totally non-ironically attended a Hanson concert with our roommates four years ago. But, that's neither here nor there. Since we're such devoted fans, we've been clued in to their musical revolution — and the fact that they've grown up to be completely adorable husbands and dads, who happen to make awesome (and not completely pop-y) music. But, for the rest of the world, here's some help convincing you that Zac, Taylor, and Isaac are so much more than the geeky high-pitched boys of the '90s.
The group recently hit up Aussie radio show Fifi and Jules to make our dreams come true play a revamped acoustic version of their 1997 hit. And, just like we promised, the result is an octave lower, way more grown up, and still just as catchy. Plus, the lyrics, like, still totally speak to us ("It's a secret no one knows!"). Have a listen below to see Zac have his way with a bongo drum, and just try not to be convinced of the Hansons' sheer awesomeness. (Esquire)

Photo: Via Esquire


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