Courtney Love’s “99 Problems” Cover Is Surprisingly Wonderful

Courtney Love is stuck in a self-perpetuating spiral: The media portrays her as crazy, and she's crazy because everyone expects her to be nuts. But underneath the apartment-destroying, Twitter-crazed, lawsuit-inducing mess of Courtney Love's public persona, every now and then the singer serves a refreshing reminder of why she's famous — because she is a darn good musician.
At Sundance last week, Ms. Love took to the stage and had a little fun, covering Jay-Z's "99 Problems." Instead of it being the heavy, drum-machine version we know, it sounds like a '90s ballad served up in a way only Hole could handle. While she employs some potentially incendiary language (from the original song), the song sounded particularly poignant coming from her. After all, she has made a career based upon having 99 problems, but as she wails, "Being a bitch ain't one." Somewhere, our inner riot grrrls are cheering. (Bullett)

Photo: Via Bullett


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