Beyoncé, Can You Handle This? A New Destiny’s Child Album Is On The Way!

UPDATE: It gets even better. As the icing on the cake to Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime show, the band will reunite to perform their new track from the upcoming greatest hits album. And in light of JT's big announcement yesterday, we're wondering if their pop counterpart will join the group on stage for a duet. Though, honestly, we're almost hoping it doesn't happen because a Justin - Beyoncé duet might actually kill us with joy.
Ladies, get ready. January 29 is about to be the best day of your adult life. Destiny's Child, the band that defined the '90s and taught us that jelly is a good thing, is coming out with a new album at the end of this month. While Love Songs is mostly a greatest hits compilation, there's one new track entitled "Nuclear."
It's the first new jam since the gals broke up in '04, so yeah, it's pretty much the best news since this happened yesterday. And though we're not quite sure how "Jumpin' Jumpin'" fits under the heading of Love Songs (Ladies leave your man at home? Anyone?), we're thoroughly psyched and fully prepared for a serious relapse of this beloved obsession.
And of course, with the news come the questions: Will there be a reunion tour? Will there be album artwork complete with belly shirts? Will there be various bedazzled headgear? There had better be. (Into The Gloss)

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Records.


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