Never Mismatch Your Outfit Again With This Pantone Scarf

The Perfect Matching Scarf, $79, available here.
Goodness knows every woman's primary concern is making sure her scarf matches her outfit, right? No? Well, if that description does fit you, we think you'll enjoy this latest development in neckwear technology: The Perfect Matching Scarf, complete in a variety of Pantone spectrums, is guaranteed to match the RGB of even the most nuanced closet. The future is now.
The scarf's unfortunate initials — PMS — are printed for all the eye to see, but that's no indication of how those bright colors make us feel. How is it that Pantone makes even gray look like a stripe of sunshine and happiness? As the good people over at Incredible Things point out, this piece is also great if you're covered in a variety of food stains. Spilled a mix of arrabbiata, marinara, and blush sauce down your sweater? The Perfect Matching Scarf in red has you covered.

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