The Darkest Account On Twitter: Puerto Rican Inmates Scare You Straight

Twitter is a fun virtual public square where everyone has a good time, right? Well, not entirely. One new account is so disturbingly, distinctly sad, it may actually keep a few young people out of prison.
Follow2Unfollow — a gritty, realistic account of life behind bars — is quite literally run by the inmates of Puerto Rican jails. "If you want to know the harsh reality of prison...follow us, so that you don't follow us," goes its motto. Not that we thought prison was something glamorous, even if The Shawshank Redemption has its moments. We were already pretty scared of going to prison, but now we're all the more sympathetic for the people who are already there, too. They may have committeed crimes (some horrible, some less so), but this is a reminder that criminals are still human beings with complex emotions.
With only 140 characters to use, the prisoners still convey painfully sincere regret through their Tweets:
Translation: "Last night I dreamed I was with my daughter, together we were decorating the Christmas tree. When I opened my eyes, I was in a box of iron bars."
Translation: "There are two exits to the underworld, the cemetery or prison. My mother told me so, and I didn't believe her. That's why I am a prisoner."
Translation: "If you think prison makes us more macho than the rest, think twice. Follow us so you don't follow us."
Reading the thoughts of imprisoned men is eery, to say the least. But we hope some good comes of it. In a day and age where violence is all too frequent, anything that raises awareness about its consequences — for the victims, their families, and the offenders — is certainly worth trying. (Mashable)
Image: Via Mashable.

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