Jennifer Lawrence Is NOT The World's Most Desirable Woman?

Every baby is born with certain fundamental truths in mind: Loud noises are scary, you love your Mom, and Jennifer Lawrence is really attractive. AskMen UK decided to reinforce the validity of one of these statements in a poll of 175,000 gents. Can you guess which one?
But, just as we were happily skipping along, enjoying this newly bestowed honor on the behalf of one of our favorite stars, we realized: She didn't actually top the list. Arguably one of the biggest stars of 2012, Lawrence is also joined by breakout beauty Kate Upton, Mila Kunis, Emma Watson, and Rihanna, to name a few. But none of those hotties were number one. That vote of confidence went to...drum roll...Holly Willoughby. Wait, who?
We hadn't heard of her, either, but evidently she's quite popular across the pond. Willoughby is a TV presenter, model, and certainly a looker. The top spot went to Zooey Deschanel last year, but apparently the men of Britain have had quite enough with her indie-princess schtick and are ready to move on to blonder things...though, for our part, we would've put Lawrence as number one simply due to her sheer talent. (Grazia UK)

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