Stylish Monkey-About-Town Found Wandering In Ikea

UPDATE: But wait! This is hardly Mr. Shearling's first public appearance. We got word that the little guy was actually spotted in the children's section of Toronto store Value Village. No doubt preparing for his arrival on the international style scene. (Petside)
The Toronto social scene was turned upside down this weekend when a mysterious new face, clad in a daring shearling number, arrived in town. "Who is that? So stylish, why don't I recognize him? Someone get his agent on the phone, stat!" went the whispers.
With an outfit — not to mention a go get 'em attitude — like that, this new addition to the style set was turning heads all over as he waltzed through a local Ikea, no doubt in search of chic home accessories for that night's rager.
Seriously, though, there was a well-dressed monkey wandering around Ikea in Toronto this weekend. The family he belonged to left him in the car while they went shopping and, presumably, the little guy just couldn't stand the fact that he was missing out on all those well-priced NORDDALs, HENRIKSDALs, and what have you. But sadly, he won't be reunited with his owners, who are charged with owning a prohibited animal (and facing a $240 fine).
As adorable and funny as these images are, it's important to remember the issues a pet like this represents. The exotic pet trade is full of animal abuse and mistreatment, and refusing to participate in it is the best way to stop it. We've got our fingers crossed he finds a good home where he is provided with all the shearling he desires. Oh, and access to Twitter. (Gawker)
Image via @broniewyn; Instagram..

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