VIDEO: CollegeHumor Reveals Instagram’s Annoying Side

Don't lie. You know you secretly love the song "Photograph" by Nickelback. What's that? You looked deep inside yourself and realized you hate it? Oh. Well, you're going to change your mind after you watch this video.
While you may have made up your mind about Nickelback, we've all had our ups and downs with Instagram. Many users post tons of gorgeous, unique photos (cough cough), but there's also a certain fatigue that comes with seeing 45 pictures of what appears to be the exact same sunset with the exact same filter fill up your feed over and over again. And not that we could ever get tired of cats or nail art, but after a month on everyone's favorite app...well, you get the picture. CollegeHumor does, too — as they clearly exhibited in this spot-on song parody. This will have you literally rolling on the floor laughing, if our reaction is any indication! Or maybe we're just crazy from scrolling through photos of clouds all day. Too soon to tell. (College Humor)

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