Architecture For Dogs: It’s Even BETTER Than You’d Think

Cats get all the glory on the interwebs these days, but let's take a moment to appreciate the old classic: dogs. Man's best friend, favorite of rescue squads and forensic teams, soldiers — and now cute canines can add "inspiration for avant-garde architecture" to their résumé!
The aptly named Architecture for Dogs is a self-described "extremely sincere collection" designed by professional architects whose aim is to "make dogs and their people happy." Presented for you here is a full range of the collection's designs, and if this isn't the most incredibly heartwarming, giggle-producing, squee-inducing thing you've ever seen, then...well, we've failed you.
The best part? Anyone can make these designs for themselves! Aside from being an amazing piece of furniture, these pieces — though some are more practical than others — are sure to bring endless joy to any pup-and-person team.
Photo: Courtesy of Architecture For Dogs.

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