Spoiler Alert: Iron Man 3 Is Full Of Explosions! Watch The Trailer Here

Boom! Bang! EXPLOSIONS EVERYWHERE, and then maybe the main character drowns. Maybe not. You'll never know (until you buy your ticket, that is)! That's basically the gist of Iron Man 3, mixed in with a hearty portion of Robert Downey Jr. being irresistible and making us even more jealous of Gwyneth Paltrow (who, by the way, should just go ahead and dye her hair red IRL, because it looks so good on her).
As is the current custom with superhero movie franchises, it's not all fun and games, and this is Iron Man's token dark, moody installment. He's tired but he can't sleep, and everyone wants to kill him. Sounds stressful...maybe he should try yoga or something?
If you're anything like us, you'll watch the trailer, and you'll like it, because you do whatever Robert Downey Jr. says. Now go, before you anger him.
Photo/Video: Courtesy of Marvel Studios.

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