Is Nothing Sacred? Hilarious Wi-Fi Names Used To Confront Neighbors

Ever come across your neighbor's Wi-Fi network name and find it's become a little more loathing and a little less "Linksys"? In an age where people just can't seem to communicate without the power of the keyboard, Wi-Fi is getting personal. Network names usually start off as rather boring; however, a remarkably passive-agressive new trend involves using these publicly available names to give your neighbors a few, um, hints.
We don't know the exact history of the transgression, but we're guessing it started with some smart cookie who named their network "Don't steal my Wi-Fi." This bold pioneer made others realize the ability to publish your qualms via the formerly mundane network name. The all-knowing online community Reddit then put together a list of the most outrageous personal Wi-Fi attacks. While some border on sarcasm, others are downright fury-fueled. If some of these exchanges were said in the form of an actual confrontation, things would get physical. Thank goodness it's just the Internet at it again!
One resident named their wireless "You're music is annoying!" to which their neighbor wrote, "Your grammar is more annoying!" Well played. Another exhausted individual had to resort to "Shut The Barking Dog Up No.7." Oh no! Life can be so tough. The most outrageous, and unfortunately rather common, title is "We can hear you having sex."
These mini-memos can get scary, as one Internet user demonstrated by writing, "WHERE THE F*&K DO YOU LIVE." This act of aggression was all brought on by a silly neighbor's Wi-Fi name, "I'm using batcave to torrent porn." In an argument that quickly escalated, one concerned nearby individual named their wireless "Guys please stop fighting." Though we appreciate that small token of reason, we must remind our readers: This is all happening via the little drop-down list at the top right corner of your screen. How the times have changed...
While using your wireless to solve real-life problems may seem coy, we prefer more traditional, honest forms of communication. I mean, haven't they ever heard of Twitter? (via BBC)

Photo: Shani Silver

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