VIDEO: ScarJo's Hitchcock Movie Is A Must-See

UPDATE: Check out the trailer and tell us you're not dying to see this.
When we heard about Hitchcock, a new movie about the famed director's life and work starring Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Biel, we had a mild case of déjà vu. Haven't we heard about this before? Oh yeah, this movie, The Girl, starring Sienna Miller, is also about Alfred Hitchcock and his relationship with his leading ladies.
Biel will be playing Vera Miles of Vertigo, who got on Hitchcock's bad side when she dropped out of the film to have a baby. As for Johansson, she'll be playing Janet Leigh of Psycho — and Hitchcock director Sacha Gervasi says the resemblance was eerie. Sounds like a recipe for a creepy yet awesome movie.
It's not the first time multiple studios have made attempts at a blockbuster on the same subject (every superhero movie ever, anyone?), but this is a little bit specific. What do you think? Can Sienna compete with Scarlett and Jessica's big-budget picture? (People)
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Image via People.

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