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Michele Bachmann Wants To Ban “Jihadi” Falafel…J/K…We Think

Politicians say the darndest things. Despite having mountains of PR people and writers scripting their every word, they still manage to surprise us with verbal gaffes that are often beyond ridiculous — but not beyond belief. In fact, we as a country are so used to hearing newsmakers from all over the political spectrum say crazy things that it's actually getting hard to draw the line between truth and satire — as demonstrated by a completely fake Michele Bachmann interview that got taken at face value by many after it ran on satire site The Daily Currant yesterday.
Definitely check out the full "interview," but here's an example of one of the gems that fooled many readers:
Beware of shawarma: "...Falafel is a gateway food. It starts with falafel, then the kids move on to shawarma. After a while they say 'hey this tastes good, I wonder what else comes from Arabia?'" And it gets better. "We need to stop these terror cakes now, before they infiltrate any further."
While it's sad that political discourse has reached the point where this isn't immediately apparent as satire, we're laughing too hard to feel too melancholy about it. Still, this level of crazy is beyond even Michele Bachmann (we hope), so please, take note: This interview is not real, and while the tone may be inspired by some of Bachmann's public mistakes, we seriously doubt she has anything against delicious, delicious falafel. And thank goodness for that! (The Daily Currant)

Photo: Via Michele Bachmann

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