OMG, LOL! Amaze Twitter Remembers Old AIM Away Messages

Remember when your biggest problem was parental time limits on your AOL account? UGH, Mom, you're embarassing me! Code 6 - Parent Over Shoulder! Well, now you're all grown up, but nothing has ever been more serious or important than AIM. What's the purest form of, um, Instant expression? The Away Message. From needy cries for attention to Death Cab song lyrics (wait, aren't those the same thing?), it was the place where we loved and lost, laughed and lived, together as one giant Internet generation.
Because you've spent hours looking and you just can't find your hilarious old Buddy4U profile, one very special Twitter user has taken up the challenge of remembering all your embarrassing "Aways" from back in the day. Is this some kind of AOL publicity stunt? Because we're missing the days of dial-up. Here are a few that truly touched our hearts. **~SpRiNg BrEak*~ DiVa BetCH! Wit ma gurls ~ Starbux *teehee*!!!!!!1 R29 out. *___* (Your Away Message)

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