Watch: Tavi Gives Jimmy Fallon A Lesson In “Bitchface”

Tavi Gevinson, now veteran blogger and founder of online mag Rookie, sat down with Jimmy Fallon last night to promote Rookie Yearbook One: a collection of articles, interviews, illustrations, and photo spreads from Rookie Mag’s first year of publication.
There were several noteworthy moments from the interview, including the exciting tale of having her hand stroked by one of her idols, Bjork, at one of her first fashion events. When Fallon asked if she grew up outside Chicago, the 16-year-old’s response was that she was still growing up outside Chicago! Fallon took particular interest in a tutorial in Rookie Yearbook One on how to do the “bitchface,” her own special way of expressing passive aggression — she even confessed that her face is "chronically bitchface-y" and taught Fallon her favorite "bitchfaces."
Of course, it's Tavi’s quirky wit and sense of style that ultimately propelled her to the top of the online publishing and blogging game — and she didn't fail to impress on the small screen. Outfitted in a calf-length frock with a Peter Pan collar and a to-die-for mini crown, she was as eclectically charming as ever. Since we got our copy of Rookie Yearbook One, we haven't put it down. Get a peek here!

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