Olympian McKayla Maroney Schools Us (And Jenna Bush) On The Dougie

Sometimes, we just need someone to teach us how to Dougie. And if you want to learn something (and learn it right) it might be best to go to a pro. An Olympic pro. Since McKayla Maroney isn't very easy to impress, to Dougie — the swag-infused dance propagated by Cali Swag District — in front of her takes courage.
So Jenna Bush, who isn't known as a dancer (but as the former president's daughter, and also a correspondent on The Today Show) had some serious guts to show her moves to the girl who is known, worldwide, for having guts galore. And, unfortunately for Jenna, her Dougie was not as good as McKayla's. Alas.
While the girls were filming in London with Jenna, they busted out an impromptu dance session, with McKayla showing off her dance skills...and gently encouraging Jenna to get the moves done right. The interaction is totally cute, and props to Jenna for getting up in front of the Fierce Five and strutting her moves. Yet, we might be aging ourselves here, but for us on the other end of the screen, we were spent the entire time worrying one of those girls were going to fly off the edge of the bus. These are Olympic champions! Safety first, please. (Huffington Post)
Image: Via Kent Koven's Youtube

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