1 Politician, 4 Boots: The Fuzzy Math Of Sarah Palin’s Wardrobe

It's not often we're left feeling befuddled, sartorially speaking, but Sarah Palin's latest outfit has us seriously scratching our heads. The former VP candidate, famed in the past for her power suits and fiercer-than-fierce updos, seems to have turned a corner, fashion-wise. But unfortunately, her current style choices are leaning a bit too tween for our tastes.
She was spotted recently at a Senate campaign event in Texas wearing not one, but two, pairs of cowboy boots — displayed on her feet and her graphic tee (how very meta!). While we get that the Alaskan powerhouse was probably just trying to play up her down-home, down-to-Earth appeal, we think she may have gone a wee bit too far. After all, pink rhinestones don't exactly scream "competent politician."
But what do you think: Is this look all in good fun, or is it trying too hard, in all the worst ways?

Photo: Jeff J. Newman/ZUMA Press/Corbis

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