No Doubt (Still) Looks Hella Good On The Red Carpet

Whether or not you like No Doubt's new single, you can't deny that one of the '90s' best bands is making a major comeback. Gwen and her entourage stood out amongst the Biebers and Beliebers of the world at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday in perfectly matched outfits that show a hint of that old-school sensibility mixed in with a grown-up sense of style. The band wore black, with the exception of drummer Adrian Young (who also sported an enviable man-bun), and all wore a subtle variation of cat-eye sunglasses. Gwen, of course, was the badass belle of the ball in a leather vest with a zipped-up mock turtleneck and standard slicked, bleach-blonde hair. Forgive the pun, but there's no doubt these guys are back on the scene in a big way.
Are you glad to see No Doubt out and about? Or, do you want to preserve your memories just as they were, in grunge plaid and crop tops?
Photo: Frank Trapper/Corbis

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