Kids These Days: WTF Is Justin Bieber Wearing?

Who can tell what the youngins are up to these days? What with the internet, hip-hop music, and other new-fangled phenomenons, we're at a loss to explain. Just kidding! We generally like to think of ourselves as healthily aware of trends among all groups, from 18- to 80-year-olds – but this ... erm ... unusual ensemble by budding heartthrob Justin Bieber is making us think we missed something.
The 18-year-old star (wait, we thought he was like 14...) sported a bandanna on his head, bright-red sneakers on his feet (okay by us) and, most confusingly, drop-crotch sweatpants. Not just baggy, sagging sweatpants but the real thing. Being a young, dewy-faced Canadian who's famous for singing a song that goes, "Baby, baby, baby oh," we're not sure what to make of this getup, which seems more fitting for a veteran rap star celebrating the Fourth of July. (NYMag)
What do you think of Bieber's getup? Too much, not enough, or don't care?
Image via NYMag.

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