The 10 Most Radical Couples of ’89

Man, there’s been more steamy celeb hookups out there than Bart Simpson T-shirts. From supermodels with rockers to actors and actresses engaging in steamy (private) love scenes, star-powered romances in ’89 are hotter than hacky sacks! Let’s run down our favorite, most fashionable pairings while we ooh and ahhh.

Madonna and Warren Beatty
Okay, maybe it’s a little May/December here, but Mr. Beatty is still scrumptious at 52 and the Material Girl is now a woman at 30 and on the rebound from her divorce from hot paparazzi puncher Sean Penn. Could it be wedding bells for the actor and his Dick Tracy co-star? We think yes!


Sting and Trudie Styler
Years after leaving the Police, the man keeps churning out the hits. Maybe it’s because he has this hot director to inspire him. With his starring roles in The Bride and last year’s Stormy Monday, how long is it before she’s directing the rocker in a feature film collaboration?

Kim Basinger and Prince
Maybe this seems like a bit of a mismatch — the 9½ Weeks star is five inches taller than the crushable musical genius. But think about it — they both worked on Batman (she the damsel in distress, he the soundtrack singer) and they can share their collection of high heels. Kismet!

Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere
Talk about a hot one — she’s the biggest model on earth right now and he’s the American Gigolo who’s co-starred with every Hollywood betty from Kim Basinger to Debra Winger. Watch out, because 20 or so years from now, their beautiful kids will be all over fashion mags and silver screens.

Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger
Again, it’s a clash of the titans when one of the most famous models ever pairs off with one of the most celebrated lead singers in history. Now that she’s making her first big step into acting with Batman and the Stones have reunited for Steel Wheels, the future is looking even brighter for this twosome.

Photo: via Touchstone Pictures.


Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
He’s the fresh-scrubbed prince of Hollywood and she’s an up-and-coming Aussie actress with radical hair and an amazing face. Apparently, their on-camera romance on the set of Tom’s new racing film has spilled over into their trailers, at least according to on-set spies. Is it hit-and-run or is this relationship a long-distance haul?


Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore
Maybe you’re not familiar with the band yet, but Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation was totally our favorite album of last year. Little did we know that their lanky, slacker guitarist Thurston Moore and their go-go-boots wearing, badass bassist Kim Gordon have been married for years. Rock on, kids!

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
How much do we love this couple? He’s the cocky, sexy star of Die Hard and our fave TV show, Moonlighting, and she showed how blazing hot she was Rob Lowe in their smash hit, About Last Night. They’re such a perfect, funny match they even named their newborn girl Rumer. What a pair!

Simon Le Bon and Yasmin Le Bon
These two have been one of our faves since they fell head over heels for each other a few years back. As he continues to eat up the pop charts with his post-Duran Duran music and she keeps cropping up in GUESS! campaigns, the news only gets better — this stylish twosome is expecting their first child.

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon
Another newlywed couple expecting their first bundle of joy is this pairing of young stars. He’s, of course, famous for dancing his buns off in Footloose and you should watch out for her possible breakout role in Tom Cruise and Oliver Stone’s project Born on The Fourth of July later this year.

Photo: via Paramount Pictures.
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