This New Bikini Can Charge Your iPhone

Thanks to Andrew Schneider, a New York City-based designer, you can now lie out in the Hamptons without worrying about whether your iPod might die. According to Giz Mag, Schneider has created a $200 swimsuit, the iKini, using 40 paper-thin flexible photo-voltaic panels, (whatever that really is) which are sewn over your normal bikini using soft-conductive thread. When exposed to the sun, the solar bikini can charge your iPhone or camera, with a USB connection. You can eve swim wearing the bikini, as long as you remember to unplug beforehand and dry all the UBS ports before plugging back in. And, don’t worry men, you won’t be left out for too much longer. Schneider is currently working on a male version called iDrink, which will cool a beer with your swimming trunks. Solar Coterie is now taking orders, just in case you want to get plugged in.

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