The Best Hair Stylists In Chicago

Real talk: We have a contributor who moved to New York City from Chicago and refuses to let anyone in the Big Apple dally with her 'do. She swears up and down by her hometown's hairdressers. Not only do some of the best and brightest gravitate to the 312 from all around the Midwest, but those beauticians with world-renowned credentials settle down here to keep the discerning clientele without the demanding schedule of bigger cities. So, we scoured the city, examining split-ends, dye jobs, and wild perms, to find the shearest genius (Sorry, Bravo). Our picks range from time-tested pros to young ingenues, punk artisans to updo mavens. And in our hunt, we also landed a must-try deal…just in case you are willing to have your world rocked by one of Chicago's hottest hairstylists.

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