Watch Coco Rocha Roll Her Eyes In Creepy But Gorgeous "High Fashion" GIFs

The last time you probably thought about an animated GIF was years ago, back when geocities was the hippest site provider and the internet hurt to look at. Thankfully, New York photographer Jamie Beck has been revamping the GIF's image by using high fashion models as well as gorgeous scenery shots, all of which you can see on her Tumblr, "From Me To You." The results are "cinemagraphs" that have all the glamour of an editorial photo with the added bonus of gentle, mesmerizing movement such as softly blowing wind and the flicker of an old school movie projector. While the concept of "high fashion" GIFs isn't exactly new (sorry Beck), we've already spent the better part of 20 minutes watching Coco Rocha's smoky glance in the mirror. It's super creepy, but also gorgeous! (The Atlantic)

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