5 Pro Tips To Care For Long Hair

Blame it on the return of '70s-era style, but hair is going towards great lengths this spring. If you're anything like us, you've rocked the long hairstyles more than a few times (most likely in the middle of the chop-it-grow-it-chop-it cycle we all go through). And while we love the idea of extra long long—they can be twisted, braided, straightened, and curled into just about every artfully rumpled or impeccably sleek style imaginable—the 'do's upkeep can be decidedly high maintenance: Protecting long hair from split ends, dry ends, breakage, frizz, and heat and environmental damage is a long-term battle (no pun intended). So we went straight to the pros and put together a users' guide to long hairstyles, along with all the products you should have on hand.

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