The Meaning Behind Your Zodiac Birthstone

This story was originally published on January 3, 2015.
Maybe you’ve never been particularly fond of your month’s birthstone, coveting May’s emerald or September’s sapphire instead. Then again, maybe you didn’t know zodiac signs also have their own specific gems — and you’re actually not fixed to just one stone. The Metaphysical Book of Gems And Crystals explains that some signs have upwards of four stones that exhibit this special harmony. Ahead, we're sharing 12 astrological alternatives to personalise your jewellery collection — just in time for the New Year.
To get you up to speed on each stone's history, healing properties, and symbolism, we enlisted acclaimed jewellery designers Erica Weiner, Melissa Joy Manning, and Liz Phillips, as well as gemologists Elizabeth Doyle and Florence Mégemont. We dove into the gemstone rumour mill (Did Michelangelo really use lapis lazuli to craft the Sistine Chapel? Is labradorite really the reason behind the Aurora Borealis?) to sort the myths from the realities and find out how these stones relate to your astrological sign.
As an added bonus: This jewellery crash course comes complete with the best rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for every stone. Consider your next purchase written in the stars.

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