9 Women Photographers On The Best Picture They've Ever Taken

Photographed by Laura Babb
A selection of incredibly talented female photographers were tasked with choosing a piece of their professional work that makes them feel empowered. Between shots of a beaming bride and her sister, a Kenyan Maasai elder, the alluring Scottish landscape and Sir Ian McKellen (no, really), the catalogue is as varied as it is striking. But it's the stories behind these pictures that'll really move you. A drone pilot-cum-filmmaker speaks about being one of very few women with her specific set of skills; a sports photographer mentions the hope that an image of the England netball team brings her; and a music photographer celebrates doing whatever feels good at a particular time.
To nudge the wheels of change within an industry that – surprise, surprise – is considered to be dominated by men, The Photography Show 2019 has launched the Women Who Photo campaign to shine a light on female talent in a vast and multifaceted business. According to The Photography Show, even though there's a high percentage of female photography students on courses across the UK, the number using their skills at career-level drops massively. There simply aren't enough women shouting about the brilliant work they're doing in the field, creating images that we could (and should!) be seeing every day. The hope of this campaign is that it'll encourage more women photographers to do so.
Ahead you'll find a selection of images chosen by some of the country's best female photographers that'll be exhibited at the show. Click through to see the shot from their catalogue that has made each woman feel really bloody great about their work, their abilities and the opportunities that are out there for all aspiring women.

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