Films To Inspire Your Autumn Style: Wild At Heart

Photo: Kobal/REX/Shutterstock
David Lynch's back catalogue provides us with endless sartorial inspiration. Just think of Agent Cooper's trench and Audrey Horne's kitsch knitwear in Twin Peaks, or Dorothy Vallens' glittering halternecks in Blue Velvet. Wild at Heart, though, Lynch's cult film which won Best Picture at Cannes back in 1990, feels the most reflective of our wardrobe right now.
The neo-noir film is based on Barry Gifford's book of the same name and features Nicolas Cage as Sailor Ripley and Laura Dern as Lula Pace Fortune, a couple on the run from Lula's overbearing and disapproving mother – oh, and the gangsters she's paid to murder Sailor.
The movie is a surreal trip – think Bonnie and Clyde but more rock'n'roll – that nods to classic road trip films, The Wizard of Oz and Elvis Presley, and is worth a watch for the onscreen style alone.
Why does it feel so fresh? Click through to see the pieces worn by the characters that could easily slip into our wardrobe now.