A Brief Look At The World's Strangest Wellness Treatments

I think we can all agree that, over the past few years, the wellness epidemic has got a bit out of control.
Whether it's shiny stickers that boost your mood (thanks Goop!) or jade eggs that go in your vagina (again, Goop), paying upwards of £590 for transcendental meditation or burning the poisonous venom of a Peruvian tree frog into your ankle in a bid to make you vomit, it's safe to say things have got a little out of hand.
Nevertheless, our collective search for a higher plane continues, and with treatments like cryotherapy (freezing yourself) and eating plans like the Ketogenic diet growing in popularity, it's clear we're willing to invest in just about anything that claims to make us look and feel better. And if we get a good Instagram picture out of it along the way then, hey, that's just an added bonus.
Here are some of the more bizarre things people are trying in their search to achieve "peak wellness".

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