‘He Called Out The Name Of His Actual Cousin’: 10 Women On Their Strangest Sexual Experiences

Illustrated by Twisha Patni
Most of us grow up with a rather romantic idea of what sex is like. The reality of it, though? Not always so pretty. And as we embark on the world of modern dating in a post-lockdown world, we're bound to encounter some awkward and very unsexy sex. But hey, at least they make for some good stories, right?
If you've ever wondered about what other people's experiences have been like, the kind that make you want to swear off getting physical with anyone, we're here to tell you that some Sex and the City storylines aren't as far-fetched as you'd think. Diving deep into the Reddit, we cherry-picked the wildest sex stories that will definitely be staying with us for a while.
From uncomfortable Disney reenactments to surprising fetishes and bloody accidents, there's really too much to unpack. Ahead, ten women candidly share their weirdest sexual experiences.  

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