3 Warming Breakfast Recipes

Photographed by Sophie Davidson.
There’s something about winter that really lends itself to breakfast. Give me a frosty first light and a cosy kitchen and I'll give you any number of start-the-day eats and warming drink ideas.
Over the past few years our morning meals have got far more exciting as we've learned to play around with traditional breakfasts foods. No longer is milk just milk; there are now a million different incarnations to have in your coffee, on your cereal, or to bake with.
One of our current faves is new-to-the-UK Califia almond milk. It's made in the traditional way, by taking whole raw almonds, blanching them, grinding them and then soaking them in water which is as close to homemade as you could get! This means it's super fresh and really tasty too, it also has a thicker consistency making it the perfect creamy addition to coffee. Ahead, we've got three recipes showing you how to use it to create a healthy and delicious breakfast but first, let's make you a ginger latte to accompany your reading...
Chop yourself one teaspoon of stem ginger, add two teaspoons of the ginger syrup and a quarter of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Pour in 150ml of steaming hot, freshly brewed black coffee, stir and leave for a minute to infuse. In the meantime, heat 100ml of Califia unsweetened almond milk in a saucepan (almost to the boil). Take off the heat and froth the hot milk in the pan for a minute or two with a whisk (battery frothers work brilliantly). Strain the spiced coffee into a heatproof glass or cup and top with the frothy hot milk. Finish by sprinkling your drink with a little grated nutmeg, cinnamon or dark chocolate.
Now you're settled with that, click through to find out how else you can use Califia to make yourself an excellent winter warmer breakfast.

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