How To Keep Your Ripped Jeans From Ripping MORE

This article was originally published on September 23, 2015.
Ripped jeans are sort of like bedhead: There's only one minute of the day in which it looks good — and as soon as you step away from the mirror and your hair encounters a whisper of wind or a drop of humidity, it can quickly go from artfully disheveled to a straight-up mess. Same with denim: One day, your jeans' tears and rips can make you look like you're on the Vogue Paris masthead, but, inevitably, you accidentally stick a foot in a hole when you're putting them on, and it doubles in size. Or you throw your favourite distressed jeans into the wash, and you discover they now look like they had an accident with a weed whacker.
So, how do you prevent your jeans' holes from growing? We've got a sneaky little trick that will preserve the size and shape of your rips, without requiring a needle, thread, or a gunky seam-freeze solvent.
Now that you never have to worry about having gaping holes on your kneecaps again, it's time to shop for your perfect pair of distressed denim. Whether you style yours with a graphic tee for brunch or dress them up for nighttime, this trick should make ripped jeans your new go-to. The best part is you'll never have to worry about any undesired ripping. We've handpicked a few pairs we love. Check them out, below.
H&M Girlfriend Jeans, available at H&M.
Levi's Utility 501 CT Jeans, available at Levi's.
Topshop Petite Striped Mom Jeans, available at Topshop.

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