Sofia Coppola’s Indie Heroines And Their Finest Fashion Moments

That scene, you know, in Lost In Translation, when, stood in the creamy marbled bathroom of Scarlett Johanssen's suite, Bill Murray puts his very tight orange camo t-shirt on inside out. It's such a moment, isn't it? But that's just what Sofia Coppola does - she makes the most mundane sartorial moments appear, well, cult; the application of some cheap lipstick, the tearing of some tights. She makes a cheesy dance leotard look better than Saint Laurent, and a vintage prom dress look cooler than Vetements. That Sofia touch.
Primarily this is because her bored, listless characters, leading insanely priveleged and meandering lifestyles are achingly, like hand on hip, fag in mouth, failed acting career, rich parents, cool. This week it was announced that Sofia would be reuniting with her long-term muse Kirsten Dunst (AKA Marie Antoinette) along with Somewhere’s Elle Fanning, and according to Vanity Fair, potentially Nicole Kidman on set for a remake Clint Eastwood’s The Beguiled. Before we start speculating over the costume - the 1970s original is set in confedrate America at an all-girls school (yeah, yeah, we know) let's revisit those Coppola characters whose outfits changed our wardrobes forever...

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