7 At-Home Products That Hide Grown-Out Roots Fast

There's a popular meme making the rounds on Instagram that says, "Feels like we're 3-4 weeks away from learning everyone's real hair colour." Sure, compared to everything else going on as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic, visible roots are pretty low on the list of priorities. But when you're trying to maintain a sense of calm and normalcy in a world that seems to change by the minute, it's just one more thing that can make you feel upended.
Luckily, if you're not ready to start colouring your hair at home, there are plenty of options that hide growing roots in a pinch. We've rounded up the best root touch-up products out there — from crayons and sprays to powders and markers — ahead. They're perfect for beginners, and will hold you over until you're in the salon chair again. Not one is over £30, so, if you are able to, consider allocating the money you saved to pre-book an appointment or buy a gift card from your colourist — we know they'd appreciate it.

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