7 Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together

Illustrated by Tristan Offit.
Half of your clothes are already in your partner’s wardrobe, your leases are almost up and you look at each other and think: Are we ready for this whole living together thing? Many people will say yes, partly tempted by the opportunity to split the rent. The Financial Times have reported a rise in the number of young couples in London "hutching up" – that is, moving in with one another prematurely because they can't afford rent prices in the capital.

Cohabitation is a fun, exciting and almost essential step for couples that are looking to take their relationship to the next level — whether living together is the ultimate commitment or they’re testing the waters before marriage. But there’s no doubt: Sharing a roof, bed, and toilet (gulp) is still a big step that can present problems.

So, before you start picking out matching slippers, ask yourself (and, yes, your partner) these questions to determine whether you’re ready.

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