#PlannerAddict Instagram Will Make You Rethink Your Life

Photographed by Francena Ottley.
Bullet journals burst onto the scene in a big way a couple years ago and show no signs of stopping. Need proof? Just check out #PlannerAddict on Instagram.
People have fallen in love with not only the act of organising their lives, but the mindfulness and craftiness that bullet journals inspire. These elaborate planners aren't just to-do lists (though they do include them!), but they can also include long term goals, habit trackers, and journal entries. The ability to make it your own has turned even the most organiser-wary people into bullet journal converts.
For those of us not so organisationally inclined (*raises hand*), the idea of bullet journals — and hashtags devoted to planners — can either spark a sense of dread or introduce the thought that you could be a highly organised person so long as you have the right set of water colours, gel pens, and stencils. Hopefully after reading this, you become the latter.
Click through to feel inspired by other people's organisation skills or for just another excuse to go by the craft store and buy new gel pens.

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