Why I Photograph My Best Friend Naked (NSFW)

Photographs: Courtesy of Megan K. Eagles.
A woman running naked through the desert’s morning light sounds like a fantasy, right? Well, that’s a pretty fitting way to describe photographer Megan Eagles’ creative relationship with her best friend and muse, glamour model-turned-filmmaker Haf Gibson.
Seven years ago, Eagles spotted Haf when she came looking for a job in the cinema where she was working and apparently “it was love at first sight”. Since then, they’ve travelled around the world together shooting erotica in their joint mission to demonstrate how women can define their own sexual image. They publish the work in magazines and books of erotica, and are now running a platform called Page She with other female artists and filmmakers.
With the British government looking to ban an array of female sex acts from porn, it is clear that women’s pleasure remains a taboo in our society. These two women are keen to point out that if the porn industry remains hidden from and out of reach of women, it will continue to be controlled by potentially exploitative men.
With that in mind, we talked to Megan and Haf about how their collaboration seeks to take back control of the representation of female sexuality, and what's changed socially about the sexual depiction of women's bodies in the years that they've been shooting.

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