We Asked Our Mums Their Greatest Regrets & The Answers Got Us Emotional

Photographed by Aiposa/Eyeem.
Here's to mums, the unsung heroes of our lives who gave us life, kept us alive and who we’ll all eventually turn into. Here's to all those moment-to-moment sacrifices our mums made for our happiness and wellbeing over the years; always giving us the bigger half, acting as a free Uber service for like 20 years, and just being in a rush all the time while we complained that they were late, that the food they missed out on a promotion at work to cook was horrible, and that they didn’t understand us.
Mums are generally the kind of people who wouldn’t tell their children what they regret about life unless they asked, and even then they might sugarcoat the truth. Ahead, we ask our mums some difficult questions about their careers, their relationships, how they raised us and the one thing they would change if they could go back.
My mum (slide 2) courageously recounted her regrets over a teary half-pint in Soho and we left more connected than we’d been in years. From leaving small towns for big cities, to not seeing David Bowie live, these are the 'what if' moments of our mums' lives. Take it away Mary Ann, Sue, Karen, Alannah, Helen and Kerry...

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