These Period Pants Are So Good, I’m Never Going Back To Pads & Tampons

I’ve been a period pant convert for a while now – ever since an ad for Australian brand Modibodi popped up on my feed, mid-lockdown. Never a fan of pads (the constant need to rearrange a sneaky wedgie or flatten an unstuck wing) or tampons and menstrual cups (inserting them never came naturally to me), period pants felt like the ultimate alternative. Pop on a pair when you think you’re due and you’re sorted. It's a lifesaver for someone with an irregular cycle: no longer do I ruin my favourite pants or panic about wearing white jeans at that time of the month.
Modibodi also benefits from its sustainability credentials. Most tampons and pads contain a shocking amount of plastic and an estimated 2 billion menstrual products are flushed down Britain’s toilets each year, the majority of which will end their life in landfill, incinerated or polluting our seas and beaches. With Modibodi's period pants you can say goodbye to a use-once-and-dispose mentality. Simply hand-wash them after use, pop into a cold delicates wash, hang to dry, reuse, repeat. A perfect fit for our new, pandemic-era, work-from-home world. Comfort and ease first, always.
Now, Modibodi is getting even kinder to the planet with its brand-new biodegradable collection. Two years in the making, the launch is the latest in a string of brand moves, from leak-proof swimwear and workout gear to vibrant, colourful and printed period pants that can brighten even your worst PMS.

How do Modibodi’s period pants work?

Modibodi wasn’t the first period pant company I tried in 2020 but it is the one I’ve stuck with ever since. Its pants look just like any other underwear and you can opt for a simple black or nude design, or try out the new range of bold, summery brights and patterns. There's everything from leopard print to abstract florals in full brief, high-waist bikini, French cut, boy short and seam-free styles (even sensual, lace-edged designs). Forget any notions of Bridget Jones-esque pants – these have a 3-millimetre-thick, absorbent gusset which uses three layers of fabric to wick away moisture, fight bacteria and absorb fluid. They can hold up to 20 millilitres of menstrual blood (three to four tampons' worth).
Finding your perfect Modibodi match is easy. Your choice is based not only on style and cut but also on different levels of absorbency (measured by 'flow' or how many tampons' worth each level holds) and how the pants will leave you feeling ('fresh, dry and free' for Light-Moderate, 'comfortable, secure and carefree' for Moderate-Heavy). There are options for everyday use, hot days and sweat patches (Moisture Wicking pants), periods, heavy discharge, bladder leaks and overnight wear.

How do Modibodi’s biodegradable period pants work?

Available in a beautiful teal colour and a brief cut, Modibodi’s new biodegradable period pants are made with a blend of sustainably made Tencel™ fibre, bamboo and merino wool. According to the brand, 97% of this blend's components are scientifically proven to break down into nontoxic substances at the end of their usable life, with most of the pant materials decomposing within six months when buried in active soil. Worried about how long they will last? There’s no need. Modibodi claims that its biodegradable pants can be washed over 100 times, the equivalent of eight years of periods when washed once a month.
Just like all of Modibodi’s pants, they’re super soft to touch and feel comfortable to wear. Once they’re at the end of their wearable life, they’re ready to bury in active soil (full of bugs and microorganisms). The pants start to biodegrade within a few weeks.

How do Modibodi’s period pants feel – and do they work?

Period pants can feel a little odd at first if you’re used to using tampons, pads or a menstrual cup. Really, they’re super comfy – just like wearing normal knickers. You might feel your flow but there’s no need to worry about leakages. From workouts to work days and sleeping, even on my heaviest days I’ve never found them to fail. I now have a full week’s worth of Modibodi period pants so I’m covered for my entire cycle. Usually I have a moderate flow and so don’t see or feel any blood on my pants, even after a full night’s wear. Sometimes you’ll find the odd clotted blob that can’t be absorbed but these are easily wiped away with a tissue.
My personal favourites from the new collection are the Classic Boyshort, £26 (a great choice for those first few days of your cycle when you might fancy a little more coverage at night) and the Recycled Seamfree Full Brief, £24 (a higher waist style with more support for bloated tummies).

How do I wash my Modibodi period pants?

Wash your new Modibodi period pants before wearing them for the first time. This activates the technology in the gusset for maximum absorbency. After a full wear, start with a cold water rinse – not soak – in your sink or tub until the water runs clear, then throw them into your washing machine on a cold delicates wash sans fabric softener (this breaks down the pants’ absorbency powers). Wash in a delicate laundry bag like Modibodi’s own to protect your pants and the rest of your washing. While some customers have found that their Modibodi pants smell, I’ve found that this is an issue of drying. Be sure to hang yours until fully dry before reusing.
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