The Hottest Mile High Club Stories On Reddit

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Airplane bathrooms are tiny, smelly, and somehow, always kind of sticky. Yet the mid-flight f*ck has become such a trope that people brag about joining the “Mile High Club.” There’s even a whole website dedicated to planning and discussing mid-flight hookups. The official tips: “book a flight to wherever,” “seek out a cute solo traveler (like yourself) that looks like they left their inhibitions back at home,” then “be ready to negotiate your seat assignment for one closer to your unsuspecting passenger.” 
So, is the “Mile High Club” really such a thing? Turns out it’s more of a fantasy than a reality. One survey found that only 5% of people have had sex on a plane, but 78% would like to. Of those who have joined the club, most (37%) had sex with a partner they were traveling with, while 30% chose a stranger, 18% picked a member of the crew, and 15% hooked up with a friend.  
Personally, watching the scene in Beyond the Lights in which Noni and Kaz have sex on a private jet is the only time I’ve found joining the Mile Club appealing — but reading Reddit’s hottest stories, however, has me reconsidering.

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