This Might Explain Why You Act So Differently At Work

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Do you ever feel like you're a different person at the office? Maybe you're a little more tightly wound around your coworkers. Perhaps you're a social butterfly during work functions, but love your alone time on the weekends. Sure, you could blame your boss' astrological sign for your workplace quirks, but there might be another celestial factor at play here — namely, a little-known aspect of your chart known as the midheaven.
Your midheaven sign is actually quite similar in function to your rising, or ascendant, sign. It isn't nearly as key to your astrological identity as your rising, but both signs can help you understand how you act when you're in a new, unfamiliar, or more formal setting. Where your rising sign is essentially your "first impression" sign, your midheaven sign can be considered your "public persona" sign, or, more specifically, the sign you express when you're at work (and probably want to make yourself look good).
Astrologer Annie Heese writes that the midheaven's association with all things career-related because it's heavily aligned with the 10th astrological house, which rules over (you guessed it) our careers, public image, and how we approach structure.
For example, if your midheaven sign is Libra, you may change jobs often or struggle with making quick decisions in your day-to-day work. Meanwhile, with a Capricorn midheaven, you're probably a real workhorse who doesn't mind a job with demanding hours — or making those hours demanding for yourself.
Technically speaking, the midheaven isn't a planet or an asteroid but an angle found on your chart, again, much like your rising sign. Whatever astrological sign that angle is aligned with is your midheaven sign. And, as is usually the case with these specific astrological points, you'll need to have your birth chart drawn up to discover your own midheaven sign. Make sure you know the exact time of your birth — otherwise, you won't have an accurate midheaven reading.
If you go through the birth chart process, determine your midheaven sign, and find that you don't identify with it at all, don't panic. This sign is very much a part of you, but it doesn't hold much sway over who you are on a personal level. In other words, a totally unexpected midheaven sign shouldn't be a signal that you change your professional life to fit it. But it can help you assess your career goals if you're dissatisfied with your current professional situation.
Consider this one more aspect that makes your astrological identity unique. Want to learn more? You can always ask an astrologer IRL.
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