8 Recipes That Pack Well For Lunch (For Every Dietary Requirement)

There is something inherently smug about meal prepping. I need to make clear – that's no bad thing. In fact, meal prepping is one of the few things that really warrants smugness, like giving blood or ironing your clothes. It's the kind of thing that requires time, and forethought, and a particular kind of budget – one where you can both buy fresh produce in bulk and use it all up before it goes off. Then there's the matter of cooking something that you'll actually want to eat repeatedly. If you manage to pull that off on a regular basis, of course you're going to feel a bit pleased with yourself.
Where meal prep can get tricky, though, is finding the right recipes – ones that taste as good on day one as they do on day four. And that depends on them lasting well. Nothing can wipe the Tupperware smugness faster than realising the kale in your salad has gone manky overnight. So you have to find recipes that bypass that problem.
Ahead we've listed some of our favourites to last you all week long. We've got vegetarian, vegan and omnivore options, and there's at least one of each that's GF too. So if you've wanted to meal prep for the week ahead but struggled to get into it before, here's where you can start. Be prepared to feel verrrry smug.

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