I Chopped 14 Inches Off My Hair — & Feel So Much Lighter

When you're getting a summer haircut, sometimes the best approach is the big chop. From a practical perspective, it's currently 90 degrees and humid in New York City, and long hair is not conducive to staying cool. But more importantly, a major hair makeover is therapeutic, serving as a physical representation of change and new beginnings.
On this week's episode of Refinery29's Hair Me Out, client Kelley Ho gets a total hair makeover with a 14-inch chop. Having just moved across the country, Ho is ready to shed her California identity and waist-skimming hair, donate it, and step into her NYC chapter with a fresh, top-heavy pixie cut.
Ho heads to NYC's Arrojo Studio, where she meets owner and stylist Nick Arrojo and tells him what she's looking for. "My inspiration is a Kate Mara or Kristen Stewart-esque cut," she explains, adding that the goal is lightness. "Right now, I feel like my hair is weighing me down and I would love a lighter cut, something wispier and airy for the summer."
To tackle what Arrojo describes as "a massive amount of hair," he sections it into four individual ponytails for the donation. "We have to section the hair before we cut to ensure that we give the donation centre the most hair possible," he explains before snipping each ponytail at its base.
Arrojo then shapes Ho's just-chopped hair. "When you cut the hair short, it actually makes it look and feel a lot thicker," he explains as he begins shaping. "I'm using the razor to take out the thickness and volume. As I move to the sides, I cut the hair even shorter to create a slim shape. Then with the top, I leave longer lengths and just thin the hair out, so it's a little more floppy, movable, and wearable."
In the end, Ho feels 14 pounds lighter. "I feel so much better — like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders," she exclaims. "Now I can go out in the world and let my personality shine. Plus, from a practical perspective, I'm so excited to cut my shower time in half, maybe more."

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