10 Women On How They Realised They Were Turning Into Their Mothers

Photographed by Natalia Mantini.
You know it when it happens. You might be pulling back your hair, laughing at a joke, or complaining about the heat. It doesn't matter what exactly you were doing — what matters is that you did it exactly like your mother.
This is when you realise, whether you like it or not, you really do resemble your mom. And there's at least a slight chance you might be turning into her. Okay, that may sound extreme (and like the plot of an early-2000s Disney film), but when a Reddit user asked women if they relate to this experience, more than a few users responded with a resounding "yes."
There were others who wrote that they actively try to avoid adopting their mother's traits and habits. Some even called becoming their mothers their "biggest fear." Clearly, this prompt has brought up some complex emotions about maternal relationships.
It's unlikely you'll ever be exactly like your mom, but this thread is an important reminder that there's no one-size-fits-all relationship with mothers: You can look forward to having your mom's perspective, while still dreading ever showing signs of her temper. Here are some of the best responses to one redditor who asked: Are you turning into your mother?

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