The Leopard Print Midi Obsession Is Real – & This New Insta Account Proves It

Take a look around your office, your pub – hell, your local library – and you're likely to see one, for it is slowly taking over: the leopard print midi skirt. It was Realisation Par that catapulted the style into women's wardrobes with The Naomi during the summer of 2018 before everyone from & Other Stories to Topshop brought out their own version.
And you couldn't scroll Instagram for 10 seconds without seeing the likes of influencers such as Lucy Williams and Anne-Laure Mais Moreau (@adenorah) posing on sun-drenched, cobbled streets sporting the fashion-pack favourite. But now they really are everywhere.
And so, as with most sartorial obsessions, someone has formally acknowledged the leopard print midi's ubiquity with an Instagram account dedicated to sightings of it out in the wild. @leopardprintmidi popped up on our radar this week, an account we’re sure Shania Twain will be foaming at the mouth over.
Dare we say, we’ve found a gem to brighten up our Instagram feeds once again. Plus it's handy for getting styling tips on what to pair with yours (we're currently loving this summer's breakout print, tie-dye).
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Found by/on @tsimonne in Bushwick

A post shared by leopardmidiskirt (@leopardmidiskirt) on

And it's not just happening in the UK. New York has also been overrun.
But how long can the midi reign supreme? Truthfully we're wondering just how long it will be until someone makes an account for sightings of this increasingly popular polka-dot Zara creation...
Refinery29 has reached out to @leopardprintmidi for comment (because we need to know if the account owner has one themself).

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