8 Seemingly Convenient Kitchen Staples That Are Actually A Waste Of £££

While we love to save money in the kitchen whenever possible, we also know that sometimes, you gotta invest or splurge. And while we all know the common advice to avoid single-use or dust-gathering items like avocado pitters and panini presses, there's also a group of so-called kitchen staples that are meant to make our lives easier, but may keep costing you long after you pony up the money. In other words, you pay upfront — and they keep costing you down the line namely because they can lead to wasted food.
And no, we're not suggesting shredded cheese or pretty coffee storage containers are taking money out of your wallet as you sleep. Instead, these items, whether they're edible or functional, are ultimately unnecessary and could contribute to food spoiling faster, which can slowly eats away at your budget in the long run.
Ahead, eight common kitchen investments that are designed to simplify your life but may actually be costing you. We'll leave it up to you to decide!

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