An Astrologer Analysed Ivanka & Jared's Relationship & The Results Are Revealing

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Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump's relationship, as public as it is, can still be a bit of head-scratcher. What's up with their body language? What about their thing with holding hands? Are their bland photo ops purely a smokescreen for the White House's more insidious actions? As visible as the couple may be, the intricacies of their lives remain mostly shrouded in mystery (except for that last question — we have a pretty good hunch about that one).
To uncover what lies beneath the glassy surface of Jared and Ivanka's relationship, we decided to look to the cosmos — and investigate them from an astrological perspective. With the help of astrologer Amy Tripp, we're taking a deep dive into Scorpio Ivanka and Capricorn Jared's compatibility.
By laying Jared and Ivanka's respective birth charts (which show where the planets were located when they were born) on top of each other, Tripp creates one mega astrological chart known as a "composite chart," which allows her to compare their planetary placements more easily. And her main takeaway from that comparison isn't as glossy as the couple would probably like it to be — their composite chart suggests that Jared and Ivanka may have some rough waters to navigate.
But first, let's focus on the good: Tripp notices a trine between Ivanka's sun in Scorpio and Jared's moon in Pisces, meaning that they are four signs apart on the Wheel of the Zodiac. When this aspect occurs between two water signs like Scorpio and Pisces, it suggests that the couple is "very close on an emotional and spiritual level," Tripp explains. "There is likely a deep trust between them and each supports the other especially behind the scenes." Just as we suspected — part of their bond is naturally hidden from the public's view.
Plus, Ivanka and Jared both have Venus in Sagittarius, which indicates shared preferences when it comes to love and affection. "Together, they have a natural charm and charisma, and complement each other when socialising," Tripp says. "They will also have similarities when it comes to what each finds pleasurable." If you ask us, this is the best astrological explanation for their constant hand-holding.
As we mentioned earlier, Tripp also found a few challenging aspects in Jared and Ivanka's charts, and those can be summed up in one word: square. Square aspects occur between two planets that are three signs apart, and they're commonly associated with tension and disagreements — hardly what you want to see in your composite chart with your partner.
In Jarvanka's case, their most difficult square appears between Jared's sun in Capricorn and Ivanka's Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Libra. Tripp explains that this square implies major (and potentially unwelcome) changes to come for the couple. She adds that they may struggle to communicate and there may even be issues around secret-keeping that will need to be resolved.
Another square that portends problems is the one between Ivanka's sun in Scorpio and Jared's Mars in Aquarius. Tripp says that this could reflect a sense of competition between the pair and that, although this can lead to passion in a positive sense, "without the right outlet, the relationship could be volatile." She adds that both of these signs tend to be stubborn, so any conflicts they get into may take a while to get resolved.
"Overall, I think their relationship is glued by a feeling of responsibility and duty to each other," more than chemistry or compatibility, Tripp says. But, she is quick to point out that no couple's chart reflects a life of unmarred bliss. Everyone has a few less than advantageous aspects in their composite chart — and this one chart isn't the be-all, end-all of their future together.

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