Instagram Puts An End To Unnecessary Screenshots With Its Latest Update

Since it launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories has quickly gone from just a Snapchat copycat to the place to see what friends, A-listers, and influencers are doing at that moment, IRL.
As Stories have risen in popularity, becoming as much of a draw to the app as the original Instagram feed itself, developers have been hard at work adding new ways for you to get more creative.
What started as a simple template — take a picture, add some text, and share it — has become a far more advanced tool for sharing your day. From different font styles to GIF stickers and live video feeds, here are 32 of the best features available in Stories.
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Share Posts From Your Feed To Stories

Instagram is putting an end to screenshots. First, the app introduced a way to share what you're listening to on Spotify straight to Stories. Now, it's adding a way to share posts you see on your feed to Stories.

Tap the paper airplane icon below the post, as if you're going to send it as a DM. Then, select the first option that appears, "create a story with this post." The post will appear on your Story screen as a sticker that you can resize, add GIFs and text to, and personalise according to your own style. The original poster's username still appears and anyone watching your Story can tap the post to see their profile.

If you have a private account, friends won't be able to share your posts this way. Android users can play with the new feature today, while iOS users can expect it to roll out in coming days.
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Upload Multiple Photos & Videos At Once
We've all been there: You're at a party, plan to Story all the decorations and delicious food with the perfect text and GIFs, but get too caught up in the moment to post anything. Now, there's a fix. Just like you can upload multiple photos and videos to a single Instagram post to create a slideshow, you can now select up to 10 photos and videos from your gallery to add — all at once — to your Story.

Open the Stories camera and swipe up to add an image. Tap the new icon that appears in the upper right-hand corner and choose which media to add. All of the selected photos and videos will appear in a queue along the bottom of the screen. Tap an individual image to add text or stickers. Then, press "next" to upload everything at once.

Whether you have poor WiFi, want to see how your entire Story looks altogether, or simply want to really experience something IRL without fretting over sharing it, you're good to go.

The new feature is already available on Android and will roll out to iOS in coming weeks.
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Double Up On Live
Instagram Stories debuted a new feature that makes it possible to bring a friend into your Live broadcast. Simply tap the faces logo that appears in the bottom right-hand corner after starting your broadcast and invite a friend to join. They'll need to accept on their end, but once they do, the two of you can host your chat simultaneously.
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Switch On Sharing
Want more eyes on your creative masterpieces? Head to your Story settings (tap the icon in the upper lefthand corner of the camera screen) and toggle on "Allow Sharing." This will let anyone who views your Story share it as a DM with others, expanding your reach. You can always change your mind later on and turn it off.
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Selfie On
Let your floating head do the talking. To create a selfie sticker that you can place anywhere in any photo, tap your stickers folder in the upper right-hand corner and choose the camera icon. Take your photo. Then, tap the selfie to add a circular white border around the frame and move around as you please.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Celebrate The Day

On Wednesdays, we use Instagram Stories stickers. Er, make that every day. In its most recent sticker pack, Instagram Stories rolled out stickers for every day of the week. Go into your stickers on Tuesday and you'll see different offerings than you will on Thursday. For additional options, select a sticker to add to your photo or video, then tap it again to see another style.
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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Add A Geosticker
Snapchat has geofilters and now Instagram Stories has geostickers! The app is just starting to roll out the location based stickers, so for now, you'll only see them available for stories taken in two cities: New York and Jakarta. Whereas Snapchat only lets you pick one geofilter, Instagram Stories lets you add as many stickers as you'd like to your photos or videos.

Stay tuned for news about more cities getting stickers of their own.
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Video: Madeline Buxton.
Zoom, Baby, Zoom
Why include an inflatable pink flamingo in your Story if nobody notices it? Draw attention to the little fellow by zooming in while filming. As you hold your finger down on the video circle, draw towards the top of the screen to zoom in, and back down to zoom out again.
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Video: Madeline Buxton.
Fill 'Er Up
Warning: This one might take a few tries to master, but is every bit as cool as Snapchat's makeshift filters. Select the marker tool and begin to very slowly draw a straight line down the centre of the screen. You'll see that line turn into a colour block that you can drag to fill the entirety of the screen. Just keep your finger on the screen the entire time.
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Photo: Madeline Buxton.
Color Change
Why stick with blue when you can have blue and pink? Just highlight the word or letter that you want in a different colour and choose from your colour palette.
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Photo: Madeline Buxton.
Rainbow Brights
At first glance, the colour palette of Instagram stories looks as limited as that of Snapchat: just your standard nine-colour palette. But if you press down on an individual colour you can access the entire colour wheel. Take me over the rainbow, Instagram Stories.
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Ballpoint vs. Felt Tip
Put that pen — er, your finger — to work. Drawing without a stylus isn't easy, but having the option to change up your pen tip helps. Press the far left bubble icon in your color palette to adjust the size.
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Photo: Madeline Buxton.
Bubble Up
Spill it: Changing your pen tip is also an easy way to create a thought bubble. Use a smaller tip to create dots up to one larger bubble, which you can create by using the largest pen tip size possible.
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Photo: Madeline Buxton.
Filter That
Stories are like a box of chocolates. You never know which filter you're gonna need. Luckily, you can access many of your Instagram favourites within Stories, simply by swiping to the right after taking your photo or video.
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Photo: Madeline Buxton
Double Duty
Give your colour blocks a cellophane-like look (the purple option on top) by just drawing over an image once. Go over it twice to create a completely opaque backdrop, or, start with white on the bottom and layer colour over that for the same effect.
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Size Up
No eye-rolling emoji deserves to be as small as a pea. Show it and any text some love by pinching it with your fingers to expand. Or, if you so choose, smaller. The only downside here is that the larger you make your emoji, the more pixelated it will appear. Major eye-roll.
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Boomerang: Madeline Buxton.
Put Your Boomerangs To Work
Cheat the instantaneous system and pull in photos, Boomerangs, and videos (up to 10 seconds long) from your camera roll. Just swipe down on the screen to choose from images taken within the past 24 hours. Unlike Snapchat, where camera roll images appear with a fake-looking border, Instagram makes it look like you're posting everything as it happens. No one needs to know you put your entire story together while on the couch with your feet up and glass of red in one hand.
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Photo: Instagram/Eva Chen.
Pause, Please
To read the fine print on a photo, or simply take extra time to look at a detailed manicure, just press your finger on the screen. Doing so will pause play. To resume, just lift your finger off the screen.
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Photo: Instagram/Eva Chen.
Miss seeing the names of some beauty products? Never fear: Tapping the left of the screen will take you back to the prior image. This, in our opinion, is one major advantage over Snapchat, which will make you watch the whole video again to catch something you might have missed the first time.
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Photo: Lauren Conrad.
Make Your Story A Recipe Book
Lauren Conrad discovered one of the coolest uses for Instagram Stories: Step-by-step recipes. Start with the ingredients and walk friends through every part of the delicious (or disastrous?) process. Either way, at least you'll have a Story to remember it by.
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Photo: Instagram.
All The Memories
Like Snapchat Memories, you can set your Instagram Stories account to automatically save all of your photos and videos (if you don't, they disappear after 24 hours). To do this — and to control who can see your stories — go to your settings tab in the upper left corner and move the toggle for "save shared stories" to the right.

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