The Fashion Girl’s Guide To Hemming Your Jeans

Photographed by Victor Prado.
It's happened to all of us: You finally find a pair of jeans that fits all your bends and curves like a glove. But, unless you're catwalk-model tall, chances are they're a little too long and some hemming is in order. Or, just as bad, you've stepped on the hem of your best-fitting pair enough times that it's started to rip. But, rather than enlist the (pricey) help of a pro tailor, you can solve this problem with just your hands and a pair of scissors — and give your jeans a cool, lived-in look at the same time with a frayed effect.
So, you're not what you'd call a master DIY-er? For this project, you don't have to be. Just grab your denim (we went with Levi's® Slight Curve Slim Jeans), crank up some tunes, and we'll walk you through this fashion-girl trick for achieving the perfect ankle-skimming jeans. Just maybe don't choose an album you're set on hearing start to finish — with any luck, you'll have perfectly frayed jeans in five songs or less.

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