The 18 Greatest Hair Brushes Of All Time

When was the last time you thought about your hair brush? While easy to overlook in favour of the latest hair products or colour inspirations, choosing the right brush is one of the most important things you can do for your 'do.
Selecting one that's optimal for your hair type will give you the best results — like less breakage and more good hair days. And there are tons of styling hacks that the right brush can deliver with a simple swipe. Translation: Have the right tools on your bathroom sink, and you'll get better results in the morning — without heat or products. Have we convinced you yet? Excellent. Now, let's get started.
Picking the right brush is no easy task, so we called in reinforcements. Walking us through classic staples, new innovations, and everything in-between is red carpet hairstylist Ryan Richman. He works with Ashley Tisdale, Lorde, and Sarah Hyland — and is the man behind our beach-wave tutorial. Ahead, you'll find his expert breakdown on which brushes you need in your life, how to use the ones you already own, and so much more.

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