8 Ways To Be More Mindful Every Day

Mindfulness has been the hottest word in the health and wellness spheres for a few years but if, like many of us, you still don't know exactly what it means, let alone how to be more mindful, London-based jewellery designer Priyanka Lugani is here to educate and guide you. Put simply, mindfulness is self-awareness – awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the world surrounding us. If you ever find yourself living on autopilot and mindlessly going through the motions, be it at work or home, what better time, with the advent of a new year, to try and lead a calmer, more focused and positive life, free of unnecessary anxiety. Launched in 2008, Priyanka's jewellery brand Aamaya (stocked at Selfridges, Net-A-Porter and Harvey Nichols) tells the story of her Indian heritage, her adventures all over the globe, her passion for beautiful things, old or new, urban or natural, a constant search for spiritual harmony, and a holistic approach to business. "It all started with a ready to wear line. I had flown to Istanbul to present the latest collection to a retailer," Lugani explains. "During this process, I designed a few rings for myself. Once back in London, my agent fell in love with the rings and asked to show them during fashion week. It's been a long journey, through which I always followed my gut instinct. Each journey is like the ocean – unpredictable, wild at times, serene and peaceful."
Now, after eight years, the jeweller has turned her (beautifully adorned) hand to writing a number of holistic books, setting up healing workshops and opening a sanctuary in Scotland. "The sanctuary is a dream project. The aim is to build a retreat in Europe, that is easily accessible and allows for everyone to find a peaceful space to refuel energy and consciousness. One of my key intentions throughout is to bring consciousness back to your busy city life and bring relaxation in all the frenzy. The workshops include sound healing, prana healing and herbalism to show participants how you can heal yourself with natural plants. There are also self-reflection classes which are set up to help us connect to our inner emotions with the purpose of embracing ourselves fully." But before you sign up to a workshop or pick up one of her inspirational interactive notebooks, read on for Priyanka's eight easy ways to be more mindful every day.
1. Creativity
Remember that we are, by nature, creative beings and the urge to create is innately human – embrace it in your everyday life wherever you can. Harness your creative energy in your everyday activities. Whether it's doodles on your meeting notes or watercolours in the evening to wind down, find time for that need to create.

2. Consciousness
Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength: stay present. Don’t miss the sun today by worrying about the rain tomorrow. To me, consciousness is the core of being and it is essential to be conscious in every moment. When we are awake and conscious, we are mindful, and heartful, towards ourselves, others and the collective. If letting go of the past or daydreaming about the future is difficult to quit cold turkey, try carrying a pocket-sized notebook around with you. Whenever you find your mind wandering, jot down what it was wandering to: writing thoughts down is a brilliant way of getting them off your mind.

3. Curiosity
Stay curious. I have always been curious for life and it has been the driving force which has turned me into an explorer. My curiosity for the world and people has taken me to the far ends of the Earth. Currently, my curiosity for Flamenco and its traditions has brought me to Sevilla; it is fun to learn Flamenco and to understand the subtle mysticism of it. Curiosity allows us to wonder, to risk and to explore. Curiosity breaks free from limitation and judgement: it is ultimate freedom. If you’re wholeheartedly curious about something, follow that path and see where it leads, as, at the end of it, one usually finds that elusive inspiration. If that curiosity path doesn’t come to mind now, perhaps try one new thing a week to shake up your usual routine – you never know, you may stumble across that path on your way!

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4. Connection
Never underestimate the value of true human connections and go towards the people who set a spark in your soul. Soul connections have always fascinated me. I have encountered many along my journey. Beyond soulmates, the connection to everyone and everything is key. To connect to someone is to share, grow and inspire. In the digital age, those connections are sometimes hard to hold onto, and, with the bustle of life, we forget how essential they are. Make time for that coffee with an old school friend or that Sunday lunch at home you always say you’ll turn up for: it is a simple addition to our lives, but an incredibly therapeutic one.

5. Transformation
You can turn can’ts into cans and dreams into plans, but first, you need to accept that life is about change. The best project you’ll ever work on is yourself: accept that change is a necessary part of that project. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it. Perspective and attitude shifts can go a long way. Naturally, no one is to change for the sake of others, it is only for the sake of themselves and if they feel it is necessary to their journey. We can’t control a lot of things in life, but we can control ourselves. If you have something which isn’t going your way or something on your mind, think: how can I change in my actions, approach or outlook to make it better? We are more powerful than we think.

6. Evolution
Accept things that we cannot change. The universe is conspiring to enlighten us so let it.
Embrace change. Nothing is constant. We should not fear change, but (rather) stagnation. If everything remained the same, we would be bored! We are ever-flowing, ever-changing. When we understand this, we will grow with joy. Life is a balance of holding on and letting go: sometimes, it is more beneficial to ourselves to do the latter. Think of that thing currently weighing you down right now and make a list of the benefits of remembering or keeping it, then a list of the cons. The cons list is longer, isn’t it? Let it go, as it no longer serves you on your journey.


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7. Gratitude
Be in love with every moment of your life: a bad moment now may reveal itself to have its benefits in hindsight. It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy. The key to happiness is to give gratitude for all the happiness and the painful lessons, as they are part of our journey. Make a list of three things you are thankful for over breakfast as an uplifting morning ritual.

8. Balance
Extremes are easy. Always strive for balance. Balance is not better time management but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices. Balance in life is not something you find, but something you intentionally create. Balance seems so easy when put into words, but it’s so hard to implement! I lose my balance easily, especially with all the travelling! Grounding exercises really help, and my notebook, The Balancing Act: whenever I open it, there is some truth and a tool to assist me with balancing again. When we are balanced, we emit our inner contentment and, if anything, all we do is inspire!

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